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  • Welflation

    An economy that has high inflation, low rates, high demand on goods and people on welfare who refuse to work.

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  • Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

    A ransomware hack by crypto-freaks over a 5,500-mile U.S. fuel pipeline running from Texas to New Jersey that the collectivist propaganda outlets are conditioned to blame on their favorite scapegoat: Russia.

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  • Dollar Stores

    Dirt cheap discount stores that sell private-label Chinese counterfeit goods and questionable perishable products which contain poisonous chemicals among others harmful to your health. There are a variety of them operating lawfully in North America, such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Dollar Store, Family Dollar, etc..

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  • G-7

    No longer relevant Group of Seven countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, and U.S.A) who are supposed to represent largest advanced economies in the world which excludes China, Russia, India, and Brazil.

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  • Lyft

    An online rideshare company that operates a mobile app, offering illegal taxi services with unchecked drivers in their own cars, motorized scooters for unfit slabs to harass pedestrians on the sidewalks, pointless bicycle-sharing for millennials, and food delivery service for young people who can’t even buy their own food.

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  • Uber

    American on-demand car service company running online illegal taxi operations with everyday people in their own cars without registering as a taxi service.

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  • Food Stamps

    A form of government entitlement currency given to lower income population on welfare to purchase food and continue their obesity diet. 

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