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  • White Privilege

    Society’s preference for someone who’s not associated with thugs, not getting in trouble with the law, not being violent, loud and obnoxious, not promoting destructive and ignorant behavior, not failing in school, and not playing the race card.

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  • Black Panthers

    The original of the Black Lives Matter with a similar mission and hatred, believing that the system is rigged against them and excessive violence against Whites is justifiable. 

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  • Deplorable

    A pejorative term coined by Hillary Clinton to insult Trump supporters who believe in individual freedoms and refuse to be part of the totalitarian collective, well-educated, law-obeying, tax-paying, mostly White middle-class Americans.

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  • BLM's Partnership with White Americans

    Let us rob and terrorize you, let us murder your children. You owe us the right to commit these crimes; take your losses with humility. Don’t prosecute us; reward us. Apologize to us for what we’ve done. Defund the police, and fund us for the privilege […]

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