Arizona Election Audit

Arizona Maricopa county’s hand audit of the 2020 election results that the Democrat Party filed a lawsuit against in order to stop the recount. 

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A fake audit which will reveal democrats’ Judicial activism and inappropriate interference in the Legislative branch’s actions. again.


A joke audit whose main objective is to help instill confidence in election process. The deep state need it to keep the charade going. Appointed new democrat judge proves that the oligarchs are trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube.


Completely unnecessary election audit spearheaded by Republicans that will at least have a better and fair judge to oversee the GOP-led farce, Democrat Maricopa Count Superior Court Judge Daniel G. Martin.


Arizona voting audit of the 2020 presidential election assured to produce fake results because the company performing the audit (Cyber Ninjas) is completely unknown … even in their home state, with zero experience performing such a monumental task as vote auditing.

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jib jab

A political stunt by the Republicans to appease their base of clueless Trump supporters who still can’t accept that Trump lost Arizona and is not the president anymore.

Get a life! There was no election fraud sore losers.


An exemplary audit which is going to be audited by a democrat governor appointed judge, Daniel Martin. Martin, who was appointed to the bench in 2007 by Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano, is currently assigned to the civil division after having previously been assigned to the family, criminal, and juvenile court departments. According to Martin’s Superior Court biography, he formerly worked as an associate at the law firm Brown & Bain—which merged with Perkins Coie—a leading pro-Democrat law firm—in 2004, after Martin’s time at the firm. Election attorney Marc Elias is a partner at that law firm, chair of Perkins Coie’s… Read more »


Arizona State Senate foolishly sent all 2.1 million ballots from Maricopa County, along with the computer drives, over to Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based consultancy with zero election experience and run by a man who is biased towards the unfounded conspiracy that the 2020 presidential election results are illegitimate.

Election professional fear the inexperienced auditors are not up to this complex task and will “severely undermine faith in democracy.”


Unnecessary audit to appease Arizona voters subscribed to the conspiracy that the 2020 elections was fraudulent.


“Methinks thou dost protest too much.” Something rotten is definitely in the state of Denmark.


Something that will surprise the gullible public what the media repeatedly told them that there was no fraud, all those ballots were voted by actual people and the results are what they are.


Proof that Democrats haven’t had the opportunity to tamper the fraud- otherwise they wouldn’t be attempting to block the audit.

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