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  • Bill Cosby

    Hollywood’s favorite black womanizing entertainer-turned-criminal who raped numerous women and got away with it.

    221 Points
  • Brett Weinstein

    Self-declared progressive ex-professor who was railroaded by woke Evergreen students for not being apologetic enough for being white.

    191 Points
  • California

    A dirty, filthy, overtaxed, crime-ridden, bureaucratic one-party sanctuary state which used to be one of the most beautiful and prosperous places on the entire planet before Democrats took over.

    351 Points
  • Colonial Pipeline Shutdown

    A ransomware hack by crypto-freaks over a 5,500-mile U.S. fuel pipeline running from Texas to New Jersey that the collectivist propaganda outlets are conditioned to blame on their favorite scapegoat: Russia.

    168 Points
  • Dollar Stores

    Dirt cheap discount stores that sell private-label Chinese counterfeit goods and questionable perishable products which contain poisonous chemicals among others harmful to your health. There are a variety of them operating lawfully in North America, such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Dollar Store, Family Dollar, etc..

    176 Points
  • Classic Liberalism

    The original political philosophy of the Founding Fathers which is based on the believes of individual liberty, rule of law, private property, economic freedom, and the foundation of the Declaration of Independence before totalitarian collectivists hijacked the term in the 20th century.

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