A progressive Netflix movie promoting child pornography and pedophilia.

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Bride streaming service for Muslim men


A Netflix-endorsed movie depicting four pre-teen children essentially training to be whores in scenes seemingly tailored for the enjoyment of pedophiles.


Progressive, “inclusive” film about sexualizing little girls, that won a Sundance Film Festival award for Dramatic Directing, and who’s co-founder Sterling Van Wagenen was sentenced last year to six years in prison for child sex abuse.
Are we surprised?


Creepy SunDance film winner about sexualizing little girls, currently aired by diversity and inclusive-obsessed Netflix.

Netflix bizarrely defended their sick decision to air the film by stating the only way to stop sexualizing children is to show a film sexualizing children.

I’m sure that makes sense somewhere in the left’s bizarre, sick minds…

last word

Film that sexualizes prepubescent girls, and if you don’t like close up shots of little girl’s crotches and butts, or seeing little girls watching pornography or photographing their genitalia, than you are a “creepy conservative, right-wing nut.”

What do you think?

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