Kobe Bryant

A former basketball legend, who died Sunday morning in a helicopter crash over Calabasas, a tiny city in LA County known as a haven for celebrities. He was 41.

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Former basketball player who used to use helicopters as his daily commuting vehicle without thinking of the possibility of a crash


RIP basketball player who skipped playing with Duke because he heard Michael Jordan was considering retirement and he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to play against one of his idols


Former dead Lakers player who made LeBron stitch a meaningful sentence, by using three words for the first time in his life


Former ball bouncer who made his widowed Hollywood trash wife richer than ever while his mourning peasant fans keep working for peanuts for the rest of their lives.


Former Lakers superstar who was privileged enough to take a helicopter to bypass the traffic ordinary people use, and then died when his helicopter crashed. BTW there were 8 more people on that chopper, including his 13 yr old daughter. Nobody survived.


Deceased former rapist, RIP to his 13 yr old daughter, no sympathy for Kobe


Trump Critic, Clinton Lover, Obama Fan, Rapist, Dead


Dead NBA legend who is cornholing White girls in Heaven now


Dead basketball player to whom Trump was so quick to offer his condolences while Assange rots in jail..


Former basketball player who died in a helicopter accident where the chopper unfortunately just missed Kardashian’s house.

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