Prince Philip

Duke of Edinburgh and the husband of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who wanted to reincarnate as a deadly virus to wipe out the human population, has died.

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Crazy Cat Lady

A royal parasite who insulted anybody he wanted and loved his slaves.


A royal highness who couldn’t make the 100s club.

Turbo Tim

Queen’s husband who’s known for his gaffes at public events, and many of his comments have either entertained, shocked or outright offended people. Here are some of his gaffes: After being told that Madonna was singing the Die Another Day theme in 2002: “Are we going to need ear plugs?” To Simon Kelner, republican editor of The Independent, at Windsor Castle reception: “What are you doing here?” “I was invited, sir.” Philip: “Well, you didn’t have to come.” To female sea cadet: “Do you work in a strip club?” To expats in Abu Dhabi in 2011: “Are you running away… Read more »

home run

A consort, #2, always a kept man by his wife Queen Elizabeth II, since their marriage in 1952. This galled him his entire life, so much so that he once referred to himself as a mere “amoeba.”
Prince Philip, a Man of His Time (


Somebody who never worked in his life for anything, died of white privilege, CNN reports.


The name of the coming Windsor COVID mutation.

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.” Prince Philip 1988.

Yay Science

Globalists’ sweetheart whose entire life has been that of a vile, parasitic virus. 


Proof that death is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter how rich you are or what your social status is when the grim reaper comes calling.

tick tock

Gates, Soros, Buffet etc.

You’re next.

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Female Totalitarianism

Increasing Mall Vacancy Rates