Semmelweis Reflex

A metaphor for our reflex-like tendency to reject new knowledge because it contradicts with an established belief or norm.

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The operational philosophy of the Mainstream media cult. The history of this S. reflex goes all the way to mid-nineteen century. As recent as the mid-1800s, five women in 1,000 died in deliveries performed by midwives. On the other hand, when physicians performed deliveries, the death rate was often 10 to 20 times greater. This was because physicians often began their day performing autopsies with bare hands and then, without washing their hands, examined pregnant women and delivered babies. Midwives, on the other hand, did not perform autopsies. These physician-caused deaths were due to puerperal fever, a horrendous way to die characterized by high… Read more »


An age-old prejudice where people instinctively avoid, reject and belittle any new evidence or knowledge that goes against their established beliefs, practices or values. Perfect recent examples are Global Warming and COVID.

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