Transition Integrity Project (TIP)

A recently released 22-page information warfare strategy report by a far-left think-tank including John Podesta among others, predicts (by design) the threat of terror and street violence as a “normal” or “expected” outcome of the upcoming presidential election.

The TIP strategy is multifaceted and has shades of Saul Alinsky’s book: “Rules for Radicals.” The TIP report: 

  • Lays the groundwork for “consensus” news media and social media narratives;
  • Rationalizes “unconventional strategies” for generating maximum confusion and turmoil over “unfavorable” election outcomes;
  • Projects accusations of unlawful/criminal conduct on President Trump and those voting for him;
  • Co-opts the Washington DC federal bureaucracy to support their strategy from the headquarters of every department and agency of the Executive;
  • Relies on a low-awareness/low-energy response from the political Right to counter the TIP program.

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