Woodruff Wilson

The worst president of the United States, see Barack Obama

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Racist Democratic President


The father of progressive legislative policies in the US


28th president of the United States, who created a 14-points plan to be used for peace negotiations in order to end World War I, which later created World War II


Another progressive Democrat who’s full of himself


Original version of Barack Obama. Even though he sucked really badly, academic polls consistently rank him quite favorably because most academics are progressives who liked Wilson for his own progressive sentiments


First president to graduate from Johns Hopkins with a PhD


The president who screwed up the entire twentieth century and gave birth to Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler


The first totalitarian president of the U.S. He accepted the suppression of civil liberties by his notorious attorney general, A. Mitchell Palmer. His government nationalized many private industries, including the telegraph, telephone and railroad industries, along with the distribution of coal.

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Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton