A form of government where everybody gets what the majority deserves

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Land of the Free

“Rule of the people” from the Greek. The people rule when they have the power. The people have the power when they have individual rights. The people have individual rights when they have a constitution. The people have a constitution when they have the power to create one. The people have a democratic constitutional republic when all the above political essentials are met.  You cannot have a republic unless the people have a government of, by, and for the people which means they have the power to rule over themselves.

Courtesy Flush

A system that doesn’t often die at the hands of military generals, “but of elected leaders—presidents or prime ministers who subvert the very process that brought them to power.”

Steve Levitsky


The most direct route to communism. Collectives always raise oligarchs who are “warlords” by any other name. Those warlord oligarchs “manage” their collectives, their groups in such a manner that the written rule of law is subverted and the rule of law given over to oligarchs/warlords. At that point, the minions who support those oligarchs – are serfs, having abdicated their individual, inalienable rights to the group, the “mob”. Thus, democracy is the most direct route to communism as V.I. Lenin has been purported to say, the mobs being used to raise oligarchs and undermine the rule of law that… Read more »


A tool totalitarians use to get into power.


Hate speech to leftists.

Big Ben

A concept Democrats hate

What do you think?

369 Points

The Criminalization Of Dissent

Ketanji Brown Jackson