Struggle Session

A form of physiological warfare via public humiliation and torture designed to shape public opinion in communist China during the reign of Chairman Mao.

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A favorite tactic of Mao’s fanatical followers. If the Red Guard (the youthful fans of Chairman Mao who believed in his infallibility) thought that you were “counterrevolutionary” or that you were not radical enough, they would surround your house and drag you out into the town square. There you and others equally accused of imaginary crimes were screamed at -and beaten by the Red Guard. Of course your relatives and neighbors would join in, because they would not want to fall into disfavor with the ‘woke’ mob.

whirled peas

The future fate of white supremacists determined to undermine and subjugate minorities and deny their white fragility.

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The fate of anyone naïve enough to put a Trump sign in their yard or a bumper sticker on their car, thinking we still live in a democracy with free speech.


The historical origin of the ‘Cancel Culture‘ where radical left self‐​righteous mobs demand that anyone with unpopular thoughts be denied publication, disciplined by employers and professional associations, and fired from their jobs.

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Normalcy Bias