The Invisible Gorilla

The famous selective attention experiment to demonstrate that we pay attention to a limited array of all available sensory information which is filtered and prioritized according to its importance. 

In the experiment, participants are asked to watch a video in which two teams are passing the ball and asked to count how many times the players in white shirts pass the ball. Midway through the video, a gorilla walks through the game, stands in the middle, pounds its chest, then exist. More then half of the participants miss the gorilla entirely because they were busy counting the ball.

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Example is alt-right Trump supporters who refuse to believe that the 2020 presidential elections were fair and democratic, despite the overwhelming evidence reported in the media, just because their candidate didn’t win. They only selectively pay attention to conspiracy theories of a deep state coverup and ignore the truth that is in front of their eyes.


The selective attention experiment democrats utilized to change the election votes while the gullible public was watching the peaceful protests.

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