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  • Diversity Bridge

    A state-of-the-art pedestrian bridge, designed to connect Florida International University to the city of Sweetwater and hailed as the perfect example of diversity design and engineering, that collapsed within days of being paraded before the media. (Source: nationalvanguard)

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  • Sundress Challenge

    A TikTok social media trend which challenges bored, double-masked and double-vaccinated GenZ-ers to have sex in public, with one partner wearing a sundress for ease of access and for some semblance of “privacy” during coitus. What Is the Sundress Challenge

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  • WebMD

    An internet medical information site that makes a mild cold into deadly disease that will kill you within the next 24 hours.

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  • Human-Monkey Chimeric Embryos

    An experimental biology experiment where human stem cells were implanted into primate embryos which then grew for up to 20 days in order to examine human diseases under in vivo conditions.

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    The only innovative government agency (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) that is responsible for the development of new technologies for use by the military.

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  • Marscopter

    NASA’s $85 million¬†helicopter designed to fly on Mars after being released from the belly of the Perseverance rover.

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  • Wongineer

    A woke engineer who believes that sometimes 2+2 could equal 5 and a born male can sometimes suffer menstrual cramps.

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  • Social Media

    Digital Communication Platform, Created by Anti-Social Geeks, Adopted by loser teens and boomers, Funded by Wall Street, and Politicized by Collectivist Fascists.

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