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  • Identity Politics

    A postmodernist concept of creating and dividing people based on unlimited number of biological and/or self-declared superficial qualities, such as race, ethnicity, ideology, beliefs, personality, sexual orientation, looks and/or expressions.

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  • Mind Virus

    The term Psychologist Gad Saad coined for his book explaining how infectious ideas are killing common sense. Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense

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  • Climate Coach

    The position Los Angeles School District Board of Education proposes to replace cops with individuals who are trained to implement “positive school culture and climate,” use “de-escalation strategies” to resolve conflict, understand and address “implicit bias,” and eliminate “racial disproportionately” in school discipline practices.

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  • Wongineer

    A woke engineer who believes that sometimes 2+2 could equal 5 and a born male can sometimes suffer menstrual cramps.

    355 Points
  • Noncitizen

    Biden Administration’s newly coined term to replace “Illegal Alien” in order to use ‘more inclusive’ terms for illegal immigrants by endorsing their criminality.

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  • Reparations

    A justifiable word for looting when free food, healthcare, housing, education, political positions aren’t good enough.

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  • Latinx

    An identity politics term made up by virtue signaling racist white people, even though absolutely no actual Latino ever uses it.

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