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  • Black Achilles

    Social Justice Warrior Blackwashing Propaganda on Netflix to re-write the Greek mythology (where Homer’s ideal Greek is a tall, muscular, blonde hero) as an Afrocentric fantasy.

    351 points
  • Toxic Masculinity

    A postmodern term created by feminists to emasculate straight males in order to create weak, submissive, wimpy, girly boys who are depressed, passive-aggressive and resentful. 

    238 points
  • Multiple Intelligences

    A non-testable, illusionary theory with zero scientific evidence developed by Howard Gardner to dilute the century-long research findings about the ethnic differences in cognitive ability in relation to IQ, and is immediately accepted by the self-esteem movement as a ‘scientific’ fact to support their politically-correct narrative. 

    535 points
  • Cultural Appropriation

    A postmodern term, also phrased cultural misappropriation, invented to destroy individual expressions in order to force people on subscribing to the same ideology by wearing standardized military-style uniforms, showing no differences in ethnicity, culture, rank or sex. 

    574 points
  • STEM

    The abbreviation of “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” is a broad term used to group together these academic disciplines, which is declared by the Party of Science sponsored Woke Mob as a racist White male patriarchal construct that should be abolished

    613 points
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