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  • Black Achilles

    Social Justice Warrior Blackwashing Propaganda on Netflix to re-write the Greek mythology (where Homer’s ideal Greek is a tall, muscular, blonde hero) as an Afrocentric fantasy.

    351 points
  • Ghetto Investment Strategy

    Make as many kids as possible and raise them without fathers. Let them grow up among gangs and become criminals. Hope they get killed by the police during an altercations and get paid millions by the city regardless of their responsibility.

    218 points
  • Breonna Taylor

    A drug dealer’s girlfriend who was also a drug dealer and fired in 2017 due to filching drugs from EMT vehicles, was shot & killed in crossfire when the police entered her apartment with a search warrant were shot at and returned fire. 

    377 points
  • I Can't Breathe

    A slogan associated with Black Lives Matter terrorist movement, demanding that Black criminality should be treated above the law, usually followed by looting and riots.

    467 points
  • BLM's Partnership with White Americans

    Let us rob and terrorize you, let us murder your children. You owe us the right to commit these crimes; take your losses with humility. Don’t prosecute us; reward us. Apologize to us for what we’ve done. Defund the police, and fund us for the privilege of suffering under our fists.

    298 points
  • Feminista Jones

    a.k.a Michelle Taylor, one of the most influential and loony-tuniest voices in the BLM cult, saying “beat it, whitey! We don’t need ya.”

    243 points
  • Black Blight

    Detroit, Oakland, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Trenton, Jersey City, Newark, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Camden, ….

    258 points
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