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  • Pruitt-Igoe

    The infamous American social engineering experiment where the social problems, such as illiteracy, poverty and crime, were tried to be solved with an extensive government urban housing project. Named after Wendell O. Pruitt Homes and William Igoe Apartments, the project was completed in 1956 and composed of 33 buildings of 11 stories each, located on […]

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  • Saint

    Media’s depiction of black thugs who rob, rape, harass, injure, threaten, and kill other people, and eventually got killed by cops.

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  • Asian Hate Crimes

    Something blacks are responsible more than any other group. Many blacks hate Asians.  Ask the Korean shopkeepers who survived the Rodney King riots.  Leftist blacks hate any ethnic group doing well in America.  And Asians do better in America than any other group.  So, they accuse Asians of “white supremacy” for the “crime” of working […]

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  • Reparations

    A justifiable word for looting when free food, healthcare, housing, education, political positions aren’t good enough.

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  • Renegade Prosecutors

    Stalinist Black women prosecutors in Democratic states and cities, specifically appointed tp prosecute all White opposition for no cause by abusing the law.

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  • Black Achilles

    Social Justice Warrior Blackwashing Propaganda on Netflix to re-write the Greek mythology (where Homer’s ideal Greek is a tall, muscular, blonde hero) as an Afrocentric fantasy.

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  • Ghetto Investment Strategy

    Make as many kids as possible and raise them without fathers. Let them grow up among gangs and become criminals. Hope they get killed by the police during an altercations and get paid millions by the city regardless of their responsibility.

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