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  • Dollar Stores

    Dirt cheap discount stores that sell private-label Chinese counterfeit goods and questionable perishable products which contain poisonous chemicals among others harmful to your health. There are a variety of them operating lawfully in North America, such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Dollar Store, Family Dollar, etc..

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  • Lyft

    An online rideshare company that operates a mobile app, offering illegal taxi services with unchecked drivers in their own cars, motorized scooters for unfit slabs to harass pedestrians on the sidewalks, pointless bicycle-sharing for millennials, and food delivery service for young people who can’t even buy their own food.

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  • Uber

    American on-demand car service company running online illegal taxi operations with everyday people in their own cars without registering as a taxi service.

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  • Shrinkflation

    Creative masking of higher prices whereby retailers sell a materially lower amount of products for the ‘same’ price, covering up what is often a significant price increase on a “per unit” basis (see inflation)

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  • Two-Buck Chuck

    The nickname of the Trader Joe’s bargain-priced wine label, Charles Shaw.  In 2002, it Trader Joe’s introduced the Charles Shaw label to its wine selection. The award-winning wine became a beloved pop culture fixture known as “Two-Buck Chuck’’ because it was so affordable.

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  • United Airlines

    The best American airline to risk your life by flying on poorly-maintained old planes operated by incompetent woke pilots who believe math is racist.

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