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  • Bridgerton

    A Jane Austen knock-off copy of Netflix series where the historical revisionism meets identity politics.

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  • Diversity Bridge

    A state-of-the-art pedestrian bridge, designed to connect Florida International University to the city of Sweetwater and hailed as the perfect example of diversity design and engineering, that collapsed within days of being paraded before the media. (Source: nationalvanguard)

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  • Peace

    A sugarcoating additive term to make an event or activity fit the progressive narrative, such as Religion of Peace, Peaceful Protests, etc..

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  • Identity Politics

    A postmodernist concept of creating and dividing people based on unlimited number of biological and/or self-declared superficial qualities, such as race, ethnicity, ideology, beliefs, personality, sexual orientation, looks and/or expressions.

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  • MLB

    Major League Baseball, which consists of 30 teams, with two leagues; American League and National League. 14 teams are AL and 16 are NL. The MLB’s championship is known as the World Series, where the AL champion plays the NL champion in a best-of-7 series.

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  • Cancel Culture

    An oppressive left-wing collective culture, in which people are fired, discredited, exiled, and impoverished by an ideologically crazy and politically manipulated mob over anything they disagree .

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