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  • Racist Highways

    Biden Administration’s $20 billion project -as part of the $2.5 trillion infrastructure spending spree- to destroy current highways as examples of ‘long-standing and persistent racial injustice,” in order to combat racism. <source>

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  • Bidenomics

    Economic policies based on overtaxing everybody except the party-connected rich, destroying the middle class jobs, discouraging work, and promoting government dependency that is written by the people who don’t understand the economic science and replace knowledge with political clichés. 

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  • Tax Reclamation Plan

    A nationalist plan from the socialist wanna-be Biden Administration to remove incentives for companies to shift investments and profit abroad and raise more money for critical needs at home.

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  • Blue Anon

    A left-wing conspiracy theory alleging that White supremacy,  Russia hoax, and Systemic Racism are real, 2020 Elections were fair and Biden is an elected, legitimate president.

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  • Re-Education Camps

    Contemporary Chinese concentration camps for political opponents who were incarcerated without trial and under cruel and brutal conditions.

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  • Biden, Inc.

    An organized crime family where ‘middle-class Joe Biden’s family fortunes have closely tracked his political career over his decades in office.

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