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  • California

    A dirty, filthy, overtaxed, crime-ridden, bureaucratic one-party sanctuary state which used to be one of the most beautiful and prosperous places on the entire planet before Democrats took over.

    351 Points
  • Lyft

    An online rideshare company that operates a mobile app, offering illegal taxi services with unchecked drivers in their own cars, motorized scooters for unfit slabs to harass pedestrians on the sidewalks, pointless bicycle-sharing for millennials, and food delivery service for young people who can’t even buy their own food.

    220 Points
  • Uber

    American on-demand car service company running online illegal taxi operations with everyday people in their own cars without registering as a taxi service.

    234 Points
  • Racist Police Shootings

    A destructive dilution and mythical illusion, created by progressives, justified by black criminals to murder, riot, loot, and disobey, endorsed by the Democrat party, and propagated by the media.

    286 Points
  • Muslim Ban

    Executive order by former President Trump during his first week in office in 2017, limiting visas from 13 countries, most with majority-Muslim populations.

    196 Points
  • Laws for Progressives

    Conservatives are more than happy to live under the same laws and taxes they want for everyone else; Progressives expect to be exempted from the same laws and taxes they want for everyone else.

    335 Points
  • Renegade Prosecutors

    Stalinist Black women prosecutors in Democratic states and cities, specifically appointed tp prosecute all White opposition for no cause by abusing the law.

    244 Points
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