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  • Covidian Cult

    China-induced, Deep State promoted, Democratic Party run Totalitarian movement based on delusional official narrative that has little or no connection to reality and that is contradicted by a preponderance of facts.

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  • Biden’s UN Ambassador

    A racist black female ‘diplomat’,  Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who hates her country and declares to the world that “White supremacy is weaved into our founding documents and principles”

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  • Totalitarianism

    A form of government is characterized by the presence of a single political party (i.e. Democrat Party) who imposes its prominence and political power by means of propaganda , disseminated through the state controlled mass media, ideological collectivism, restriction of free discussion and criticism, the use of mass surveillance, political purges and persecution of specific […]

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  • Struggle Session

    A form of physiological warfare via public humiliation and torture designed to shape public opinion in communist China during the reign of Chairman Mao.

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  • Voter Fraud

    Illegal interference with the process of an election, either by letting illegals vote without citizenship, removing checks and balances for participation such as requiring IDs, increasing the vote share of a favored candidate, depressing the vote share of rival candidates, or both.

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