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  • Marscopter

    NASA's $85 million helicopter designed to fly on Mars after being released from the belly of the Perseverance rover.
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  • mRNA Vaccine

    A small photocopy of the DNA that holds the protein-making blueprint which acts as the messenger between your DNA and the Democrat Party.
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  • NASA’s Perseverance Rover

    A car-sized Mars rover designed to explore the environment on Mars as part of NASA's Mars mission that carries seven primary payload instruments, including 19 cameras, two microphones, and a mini-helicopter, Ginny the Marscopter. The rover's goals include identifying ancient [...]
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  • Human-Monkey Chimeric Embryos

    An experimental biology experiment where human stem cells were implanted into primate embryos which then grew for up to 20 days in order to examine human diseases under in vivo conditions. https://www.rt.com/news/521232-first-chimeric-human-monkey-embryos/
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  • White

    A light color which reflects all visible wavelengths of light and represents purity, cleanliness, innocence, simplicity, openness and hope.
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  • Auguste Comte

    French philosopher and the founder of positivism who would be cancelled today for disseminating misinformation against the state-approved genetic vaccine propaganda by arguing that ‘genuine’ knowledge could only be scientifically and mathematically proven.
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