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  • Pruitt-Igoe

    The infamous American social engineering experiment where the social problems, such as illiteracy, poverty and crime, were tried to be solved with an extensive government urban housing project. Named after Wendell O. Pruitt Homes and William Igoe Apartments, the project was completed in 1956 and composed of 33 buildings of 11 stories each, located on […]

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  • Police Brutality

    The complaint of entitled snowflakes who cannot follow simple orders or don’t want to obey basic instructions given by the law enforcement officers, or even sometimes outright insult and attack them but yet expect to be treated as untouchable royal family members.

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  • Kyle Rittenhouse

    17 years old American who killed two domestic terrorists as self defense after being chased by a violent fascists mob with guns, knives and baseball bats.

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  • Gen X

    Cancel Culture loving Proto-Nazis, also known as Generation X, who want to live in the Utopia-land but instead got stuck between the incompetent Boomers and self-centered Millennials.

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  • Silent Majority

    Massive amount of people who are constantly bullied by a loud minority but know how to control their emotions, therefore just like the tip of an iceberg, they seem insignificant and small, but yet extremely organized, powerful and dangerous under the surface.

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  • Bell Curve

    A book written by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray and published in 1994 to explain the variations in intelligence in American society, warn of some consequences that we see today.

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  • Kenosha

    A Wisconsin state line city where a lot of people moved over to escape IL property taxes and found out the ghetto beat them there. 

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