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  • Social Contract

    An agreement between the government and the people, defining the agreed upon rights and duties of each,  that the Democrat Party broke by  terrorizing half of the population with its paramilitary forces such as Antifa and BLM, and consequently by cheating on elections to undermine their will.

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  • American Realtor

    A middle-age blond female, decorated with a high-pitched screeching voice and granite look, in addition to large but perfect white teeth, aggressive posture,  fake smile, and a complete lack of knowledge about architecture, construction, finance and real estate.

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  • New Urbanism

    The re-discovery of the old urbanism by ethno-centric Americans whose cities were designed based on the automobile culture. 

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  • Oprah

    Chubby American entertainer from Mississippi who is known with her fake interviews and phony reactions.

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  • Anti-Color Revolution

    The American millennial version of the Color Revolution, which is the opposite of the original, aiming to protest the democracy and to advocate one-party dictatorship. 

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  • Deplorable

    A pejorative term coined by Hillary Clinton to insult Trump supporters who believe in individual freedoms and refuse to be part of the totalitarian collective, well-educated, law-obeying, tax-paying, mostly White middle-class Americans.

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