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  • AT&T

    An incompetent American phone company that owns CNN and promotes domestic terrorism via BLM sponsorship.

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  • BLM Riots

    91% of inherently racist, ideologically political demonstrations over the last 3 months, in which participants engage in violently disruptive and destructive act, such as looting, burning, vandalism, etc., as well as mob violence in which individuals, other groups, properties, are businesses targeted. 

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  • California DA

    A racist BLM militant Costa County District Attorney who charged a couple with a “hate crime” for painting over a Black Lives Matter mural, now supports looting by telling members of law enforcement that they should consider the needs of looters before deciding to charge them with looting.

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  • Portland Killer

    Not so peaceful member of the left-wing peaceful rioters who committed a cold-blooded execution of someone based on their political beliefs.

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  • Jim Gaffigan

    Chubby stand-up personality who’s been kissing up the fascist BLM mob to secure his place as the Politburo head clown.

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