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  • Neil Young

    Fascist hippie singer from the 70s who demanded Spotify pull his entire music catalog from their platform unless they silence podcaster Joe Rogan for spreading “fake information” about vaccines.

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  • Lemming

    An Arctic rodent, similar to mice and gerbils, whose mass migrations inspired a myth that these animals blindly follow each other that they even commit mass suicide by jumping off cliffs.

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  • Road to Serfdom

    The title of the book by Friedrich Hayek, originally published in 1944.  In ‘Road to Serfdom’ Hayek warns against the dangers of central planning, along with what Orwell described as “an eloquent defense of laissez-faire capitalism.” Hayek shows that the […]

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  • Tribalism

    The state of being organized by certain attitude and practice of harboring strong feelings of bonds or loyalty to one’s group, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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  • Eurovision 2022

    The political music context among European nations where virtue signaling is paramount, Russia is banned, and Ukraine is the predetermined winner.

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