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  • Illegal Immigrant

    A person who smuggles to a country illegally and immediately becomes unauthorized, unconstitutional, unlawful, unwarranted, illegitimate, illicit, outlawed, prohibited, indictable, deplorable, unrighteous, prosecutable, wrongful, felonious, and criminal.

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  • John Griffin

    Former senior CNN producer who has been sentenced to 19 years in prison as well as 15 years of post-confinement supervision for Pedophilia. 

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  • Beryl Howell

    The Obama appointed chief judge of the D.C. District Court, who is a former Democratic staffer on Capitol Hill and the hitman of the Democrat Party to put Trump in handcuffs. 

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  • Bill Cosby

    Hollywood’s favorite black womanizing entertainer-turned-criminal who raped numerous women and got away with it.

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  • I Can't Breathe

    A slogan associated with Black Lives Matter terrorist movement, demanding that Black criminality should be treated above the law, usually followed by looting and riots.

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  • Breonna Taylor

    A drug dealer’s girlfriend who was also a drug dealer and fired in 2017 due to filching drugs from EMT vehicles, was shot & killed in crossfire when the police entered her apartment with a search warrant were shot at […]

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  • Jay-Z

    Former drug dealer in Brooklyn’s Marcy projects before becoming a rapper, businessman, and Obama’s buddy.

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