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  • Friedrich Hayek

    An Austrian/British Nobel prize winner economist whose ideas of minimal government and liberal political regimes can become totalitarian, made him an instant enemy of the current collectivist left and got him censored on MSM.

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  • Bidenomics

    Economic policies based on overtaxing everybody except the party-connected rich, destroying the middle class jobs, discouraging work, and promoting government dependency that is written by the people who don’t understand the economic science and replace knowledge with political clich√©s. 

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  • Universal Basic Income

    A political substitute for the welfare state where each person resident in a country would receive a guaranteed income unconditionally, sufficient to live at a modest level, so that they don’t have to look for work but keep buying stuff they don’t need. 

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  • Paul Krugman

    A nobel price winning globalist left-wing economist who argues trade deficits don’t matter and borders are useless.

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