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  • Peter Strzok

    A former FBI agent who handled the investigation of Seth Rich murder who buried the Clinton email inquiry and opened the bureau’s Russia probe in 2016 that he later became a symbol of “deep state” animus for Donald Trump.

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  • Twitter Files

    The documents that Elon Musk published after he bought the company detailing close coordination between the FBI and Twitter in moderating social media content.

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  • James Comey

    Former Deep State’s hitman on Hillary’s payroll, disguised as the FBI director with speed-reading superpower.

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  • Transgender Manifesto

    The documents that the trans shooter left behind after killing six people including three children, explaining her actions that the Biden Administration doesn’t want the people to see.

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  • Andrew McCabe

    Former interim director of the FBI, who admittedly lied four times about his illegally leaking sensitive information to witnesses and mishandling classified information.

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