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  • Shrinkflation

    Creative masking of higher prices whereby retailers sell a materially lower amount of products for the ‘same’ price, covering up what is often a significant price increase on a “per unit” basis (see inflation)

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  • Inflation Reduction Act

    The reconfigured Build Back Better Act which includes hundreds of billion dollars for Democrat Party’s political agenda, such as climate policy change, diversity, inclusion, LGBTQ, etc. that will double the taxation of regular Americans and eventually triple the size of […]

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  • Petrodollar

    The result of US efforts to secure access to Middle Eastern oil while also lessening the slide of the dollar in the early 1970s.

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  • Welflation

    An economy that has high inflation, low rates, high demand on goods and people on welfare who refuse to work.

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  • Recessflation

    A period of centrally-planned but ‘unexpected’ economic decline during which the economy goes into an outright recession but prices continue to rise.

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  • Bidenflation

    The intentional act of the American people getting poorer due to the economic policies of the incompetent Biden administration.

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  • Forever Stamps

    U.S. Postal Service issued stamps that you can use the same ones forever and the price never goes up…until the price goes up.

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