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  • Julian Assange

    An Australian computer programmer who founded Wikileaks to release government conspiracies and was jailed immediately by the international ruling class

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  • Andy Ngô

    Independent investigative journalist who routinely flushes out Antifa members and displays their terrorists activities.

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  • Pulitzer Prize

    A politically-correct social justice award for achievements in journalism among others, given to projects for creating mythical racism and falsifying history.

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  • Presstitute

    A term that references journalists in mainstream media who report biased, fake and/or misleading progressive news to the public.

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  • Unnamed Sources

    A deceptive journalism method mostly used by Democrats based on fraud, ideological attack, wishful thinking and defamation where the made-up news is produced using fake and non-existing sources as its base. 

  • Jim Acosta

    Overpaid, over-spoiled CNN White House correspondent who is known for asking wrong questions for the wrong reasons at the wrong time