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  • Jim Acosta

    Overpaid, over-spoiled CNN White House correspondent who is known for asking wrong questions for the wrong reasons at the wrong time
  • Trusted News Initiative

    A coalition of news providers and tech companies that work together to control and reinforce the narrative of global totalitarianism for a wide range of issues from elections to COVID vaccines. .
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  • Zac Kriegman

    A former Reuters data scientist who was fired after performing a statistical analysis which refuted claims by Black Lives Matter, and spoke out against the company's culture of "diversity and inclusion" which unquestioningly celebrated the BLM narrative.
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  • Vox Media

    A Left-Wing Media Company that operates the anarchist-militant Vox.com news with a liberal faux-neutrality by characterizing the Democratic Party propaganda as self-evident truths.
    523 Points
  • Brian Stelter

    The mouthpiece of fascism who is fired from CNN for not being able to run enough fabricated stories against the law- obeying American citizens. 
    256 Points
  • Peter Hotez

    CNN’s TV doctor who received millions of dollars in grants from Fauci’s NIAID since 1993 and later called for a legislation “to expand federal hate crime protections” to make criticism of Fauci a felony.
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