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  • United Airlines

    The best American airline to risk your life by flying on poorly-maintained old planes operated by incompetent woke pilots who believe math is racist.

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  • Cancel Culture

    An oppressive left-wing collective culture, in which people are fired, discredited, exiled, and impoverished by an ideologically crazy and politically manipulated mob over anything they disagree .

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  • Pulitzer Prize

    A politically-correct social justice award for achievements in journalism among others, given to projects for creating mythical racism and falsifying history.

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  • Oscar's New Diversity Rules

    Oscar’s Social-Media-Caliber Community standards, requiring movies to have at least one black, one transgender, one obese, one homosexual, one Hispanic, one Asian (dark), one Antifa, and one BLM. All good characters must be progressive liberals. No Whites.

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  • 1619 Project

    A politically motivated falsification of history which aims to re-write the American history entirely through the prism of race and racial conflict based on the initial arrival of 20 African slaves at Point Comfort in Virginia, a British colony in North America in 1619. The objective of this revisionist history is to create a historical […]

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