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  • Mouse Utopia Experiment

    The research experiment conducted by John Calhoun in the 1960s to create a welfare state for mice which collapsed into extinction despite all the mice’s material needs being satisfied.

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  • Welfare State

    An insidious form of slavery where if you remove the slaves’ chains they will violently demand those chains be put back on immediately.

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  • Food Stamps

    A form of government entitlement currency given to lower income population on welfare to purchase food and continue their obesity diet. 

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  • Welflation

    An economy that has high inflation, low rates, high demand on goods and people on welfare who refuse to work.

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  • Richard Cloward

    American sociologist and Frances Fox Piven‘s husband who advocated federal government dependency, leading to wide-spread poverty,  welfare addiction and total collapse of the black family structure.

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